Dance Competition

Enjoy the beauty and grace of our local Highland Dancers and their fellow competitors in the Teresa Sargent Hall inside the Montrose Cultural Centre.

Heavy Events

Enjoy feats of strength and might as you watch competitors compete in several events, including caber toss, shot put, hammer throw and more! This year enjoy watching professional competitors from Canada and the United States.

Terron Ventures Beer Gardens/Entertainment Tent

The beer garden is popular place to watch and listen to performances throughout the day. All are welcome and encouraged to listen to the performers and musicians throughout the day.

Medieval Fair

We are excited to announce that the S.C.A. group will be hosting an information tent, live action re-enactments, with merchandise available during the games.
Experience the adventure, pageantry, magic and romance of the medieval times.

Medieval Fairs were a gathering of buyers and sellers, assembled at a particular place with their merchandise for trade.  From a very early date, there was always fun at the fair. Any entertainment to attract a crowd, singers, musicians, acrobats, stilt walkers and fools. Fairs included various contests such as archery tournaments. Medieval tournaments sometimes coincided with Medieval fairs, thus our Highland Games.

West GP Dental Children’s Tent

A place for the wee bairns – the children’s tent will be full of activity and fun. Stop by and check out the activities throughout the day.


The Scottish word “Ceilidh” means party, and usually includes impromptu performances by musicians. We culminate after the day’s activities at the Crown and Anchor Pub for our traditional Ceilidh. There will be music, dinner, and drinks, but leave the wee bairns at home as this event is 18+ only.

Tickets are $25 each and can be purchased by contacting Aum Nichol at aumnicol@gmail.com or any board member.

GP Pipe & Drum Band

We are pleased to announce the return of the GP Pipe and Drum Band. They will be performing throughout the day and providing attendees with their Great Highland bagpipes and mighty drums.

Kilted Run

Are you a runner? Have a love of tartan? Register for this new and exciting portion of the GP Highland Games. Kilts are not mandatory, however they are encouraged. A registration fee of $5 will be charged per participant. Please connect with Chris Nicol for more information, coachnicol@hotmail.com.

Haggis Toss

Be sure to watch and maybe even participate in this time honored tradition.
A widely accepted story of the origin of haggis hurling tells of a wife preparing a haggis for her husband’s lunch while he was out working in the fields or cutting peat. With the many rivers running through crofts and the presence of bogs, walking from the house to where the husband was working often entailed a long detour to find a suitable point to cross rivers and bogs. So, to save time the wife would toss the cooked haggis over the obstacle to her husband, which he would have to catch with the front apron of his kilt. Dropping it would mean haggis coated with dirt for lunch.